Collapse: The Ashwood Lies (Book 1) Synopsis

Ever wonder what your school was hiding?

When 17-year old Chase sneaks out of his dorm room, he stumbles on survival gear hidden in the attic of his boarding school and realizes Ashwood Prep isn’t what it seems. Thrust into a conspiracy that is centuries old, he has to choose whether to keep on running or finally stand up and fight.

After the world starts to collapse and an earthquake cuts the school off from the rest of the world, Chase has to figure out who’s a friend, who’s an enemy, and if there’s really any difference at all. Trusting the wrong person could have deadly consequences. Caught between the plotting professors and his ambitious old roommate Dante, Chase can’t afford to choose wrong. It would all be a lot easier if the mysterious Taylor and the challenging Maya weren’t pulling him in opposite directions.

The Pulse. The HART. The Founders. Can Chase figure out how all the pieces fit before it’s too late? Is it really the apocalypse? Or is it something much worse?

COLLAPSE: THE ASHWOOD LIES (BOOK 1) is a ya post-apocalyptic dystopian novel with a world braking secret. It’s the first in a three book series. 

Want to get the book for free? Nominate COLLAPSE on Kindle Scout and you will get a free ARC of the book if it’s chosen for publication. Nominating is easy (and free!) right here.


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